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September/October: Apples

  • Apples can be a year round fruit, mostly known for their fall harvest they come in 2,500 varieties in the US alone...totalling 7,500 varieties world wide.  Did you know that the apple blossom is Michigan’s state flower?

  • Apples are packed full of fiber, a complex carbohydrate that breaks down into natural sugars; used as the main source of energy by our bodies. The insoluble fiber in apples provides bulk in the intestinal tract, cleansing and moving food through quickly.

  • In addition to digestion-aiding fiber (insoluble), apples have another type of fiber (soluble) in the form of pectin that helps prevent cholesterol from building up in the lining of blood vessels, which helps prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease.  

  • The apple peel is nutrient dense, two thirds of the fiber and lots of antioxidants are found in the peel.  Antioxidants help to reduce damage to cells, and build immunity. The antioxidant content of apples ranks among the highest for fruits, and research shows antioxidants aid in cancer prevention.

  • Apples are a great snack because they can help regulate our blood sugar which can aid in weight loss. They are loaded with intestinal cleansing fiber and are high in Vitamin C, which is essential in forming and maintaining bones, blood vessels, and skin.

  • Often called a “miracle food” and “nutritional powerhouse” an apple a day really may keep the doctor away.

Source: Network for a Healthy California

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