The hardest job in the entire world

August 26, 2014

Sometimes the best ideas come to me when I am not trying too hard. Today, as I was pondering my daughter’s dismay at her high school schedule, and fighting the urge to try and “fix” it for her, I had an epiphany. I cannot and should not say a word about it. So, I listened to her vent and complain about bad teachers (all her perception based on teenage gossip), and I did not weigh in on anything. I think I did a few “Umhmms and head nods” to show her that I was paying attention, but I virtually remained uninvolved, knowing somehow that she needed to go through her perceived problems on her own.


Lo and behold, at noon today when we exchanged our daily lunchtime text, she was a different girl. Sure, it was not ideal. Her parking spot was nowhere near her last class of the day and she had to walk further. Sure, she did not know 20 people in every class. The end result was that the overall experience and new adventures she had today seemed to wash away her prior anxiety. You would think after having gone through this twice already with my older boys that I would know not to allow her angst to bother me. Admittedly, it did anyway. Somehow today, my intuition was louder than my mommy voice and I let it be. Thank goodness that I did not rescue, enable or feed into her fears. She is stronger from it and I am free from needing to “fix” anything!


I sincerely hope that my own reflections can wash over you and sink in once in awhile. The hardest job in the entire world is parenting. I am far from perfect at it, but sometimes hearing wisdom from someone who has walked in your shoes can help.


See you at the Spirit Assembly, PTA Meeting or Ice Cream Social tomorrow,


Carrie Brown

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