A New Safety Policy

September 3, 2014

Several policy issues have caught my attention now that the dust has settled. The issues at hand are after school playtimes on campus, and food brought to school for birthdays and celebrations.


Regarding our campus, after 2:20 and 12:45 on Fridays, I need to respectfully remind you that after dismissal, our teachers still have planning, preparation and collaboration to attend to. When children are allowed to remain on the playground, kindergarten area, or main quad, it is a disturbance to teacher productivity. As a parent, I remember the sweetness of watching informal play happening with my own children as they found their friends after school. However, I need to ask you to help out, by heading for home once the school day is finished. The kindergarten area is especially popular for after school play. Please be mindful that we need you to exit once the 2:20 time has come and gone.


There are some things that I cannot possibly control for: swarms of bees, flying monkeys and earthquakes. I do my best to prepare for all sorts of emergencies and we are actually having a fire drill today. That said, when it comes to prevention, the one area where I do have a small measure of control, is food and allergy safety. Our school year is well underway now and teachers and staff know which children have health concerns that must be addressed. Please make note of this ECC policy now in effect:

Anytime a food item will be brought to school for a birthday, holiday or celebratory reason, the classroom teacher must be given 48 hours notice, either by phone, email or in person, to allow for proper planning for the children in the classroom with health issues.



Thank you in advance for helping me to keep kids safe,


Carrie Brown

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