Reading Between the Lines

September 10, 2014

As we begin to sink our teeth into our core curriculum this year, one area that students seem to struggle with is what we call learning to infer, or “reading between the lines.” Inferencing is one key to good reading comprehension. Consider these tips for helping your youngster make inferences when he or she reads.


Describe the setting- Pick a book, and read a few sentences to your child (without him looking). Leave out the words that name the setting. Example: “Sand stretched in all directions…. cacti dotted the landscape.” Can he or she infer where the story is set? If he is not sure, give him a hint. (“Where do you see lots of sand and cacti?”)


Use Prompts-Questions that start with “Why do you think?” Or “How do you know…?” can encourage your child to infer. You might ask why he thinks a character behaved the way he did or how he knows it’s going to snow. Together, look for clues in the book that may help him answer the questions.


Thank you for you part in making our first few weeks of school a success. By now, we are operating on all four cylinders and things seem to be humming along quite nicely!


Happily here,

Carrie Brown

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