Love them when they are near

March 18, 2015



Dear ECC Families,


Twenty-four years ago today, yes I know I am publicly aging myself, I had my first son. At that very moment, I understood fear. Not the fear of the painful delivery process, but the pain of potential loss. What could I possibly do to keep him glued to me forever? As time does have a tendency to do, it passed, and I learned that children will fall down, will make mistakes and will make us cry. They will hug us tightly one second and in the next, run from us, with perhaps a phone call now and then for more than just spending money. At any rate, I share this for all of you who are in the throws of learning to let go and let them grow, without you attached to their little hand. We live in a scary world. One filled with bombs and bad guys. We cannot control any of it. We can, however, love them when they are near and forgive them for the little things that drive us nuts. Stay tuned for more of my angst- my last baby graduates from high school this June and then what will I do with my misplaced control issues?


On that note, I wanted you to be aware of a situation that has been brought to my attention. Last week, it was reported to the principal of La Costa Heights, that a man in his twenties, driving a newer model full size grey pick up truck, was stopping kids as they walked home to ask them to help him find his lost dog. The police were notified. As this school borders our own, I wanted to notify you. Please keep your eyes open and more importantly, carefully discuss this with your children if they walk alone to and from school.


We have a new addition to our eNews, it is called Peach jar. It is an e-flyer distribution service that our district has decided to use for all district related flyers. Going forward, look for this symbol to access links to all district information.


In closing, we have so much going on at ECC every day. Please check the PTA website, our Facebook page and this eNews each Thursday. Once in a great while I hear from people who share that there was a school wide event or policy that they were unaware of.  All I can say is that if it is happening, it is listed right here! Please read and share! 

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